An Overview

Our Heritage

Kaintal Prep School is located on Bhupindra Road near 22 no. Phatak, Patiala and boasts modern facilities. It is the preschool wing of Kaintal School, which was founded in 1998 by Sh. Shealinder K S Kaintal.

The school has been providing a nurturing and inspiring learning environment for almost 25 years, with a focus on engaging students and building a strong foundation during their most formative years. Our quality education program nurtures and encourages the inquisitive minds of children, helping them develop the foundation skills necessary for future success. 

As children progress, the emphasis shifts from basic motor skills and language to the development of concentration, coordination, independence, and a sense of order, which helps them consolidate their writing, reading, and maths skills. Our enriched curriculum promotes analytical and collaborative thinking, while also nurturing individual strengths.

Our Mission

The youth of today is at a crossroads, with easy access to media exposing them to materialism and causing a disconnect from our ancient culture and heritage. To address this issue, our school has been established with the following objectives in mind:

  • To recognise each child as an individual with unique needs and potential
  • To provide education in small classes
  • To use a blend of traditional and modern teaching practices in and outside of the classroom, while maintaining a strong commitment to a fulfilling curriculum across all subjects
  • To provide a diverse range of academic, artistic, sporting, and socially enriched experiences through an extensive extracurricular program, allowing children to discover and nurture their talents.

Our Vision

Our vision at Kaintal Prep School is to facilitate children’s growth not only in literacy but also in their eagerness to acquire knowledge and passion for learning in various fields such as academics, sports, and arts. We believe in guiding children to become self-directed learners who think critically, possess confidence, and demonstrate compassion, as they explore their abilities to the maximum.