Security Protocol

A safe and happy learning environment is essential for students to get a productive and successful education. Promoting school safety instils confidence in children to explore, learn and grow. The Kaintal school’s management and staff ensure the safety of each child inside the school. The School understands the concern and seriousness of the child’s safety, therefore, appropriate or needful safety measures are adopted and given utmost importance. Guidelines are provided to the school staff for the safety of each child, as in today’s world they are exposed to more danger.

Right from the time the child enters the secure environment of his/her home to the school bus, trained transport staff ensures that the child reaches school safely. All the students must wear their ID cards daily. Security cameras (CCTV) are installed at various points in the school to monitor and prevent any mischief. Once the child is inside the school premises, he/she is not allowed to go without any authorised guardian. Kaintal school management & staff ensures all the parents their child’s security and safety till the child reaches back home.