Guru Nanak Jayanti Celebrations

  Delight filled Kaintal Prep School, as the fervent spirit of celebration united the students and staff in a heartfelt assembly dedicated to commemorating Guru Nanak Jayanti on November 23, 2023. This joyous occasion served as a radiant tribute to the profound teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, who enlightened the world with his spiritual […]

Children’s Day Celebrations

It was a day of fun, laughter and boundless joy as Kaintal Prep School celebrated Children’s Day with great fervor and enthusiasm🎊 The special morning assembly was filled with a talk on Children’s Day, emphasising the importance of childhood and the unique qualities that make each child extraordinary. Our little stars were thrilled to receive […]

Diya Decoration Activity

✨🪔Diwali festivities were in full swing at Kaintal Prep School, lighting up the spirits of our little stars! Our students enthusiastically participated in a delightful Diya Decoration activity, adding their own creative touch to the festival of lights. The entire school gleamed with vibrant decorations and a joyous aura, capturing the essence of Diwali. The […]

Dussehra Activity

  Kaintal Prep School embraces the festive spirit as our students engage in a vibrant Dussehra Activity. Our Special Assembly was graced with an insightful talk on the significance of Dussehra, enlightening our students about the cultural and historical significance of this grand celebration. The talk sparked curiosity and deepened their understanding of this auspicious […]

Hindi Rhyme Competition

  Kaintal Prep School recently witnessed a delightful and enchanting Hindi Rhyme Competition, where the young stars of the prep wing and Class-I took the stage to showcase their linguistic skills and creative abilities. The competition was an incredible platform for these budding artists to express themselves through the art of rhymes, fostering their love […]

Story Telling Competition

  Stories are creative embellishments of imagination and language. Children’s fantasies turn them into storytellers and they learn to use compelling vocabulary to capture the attention of the audience. Students of the Preparatory Wing and Class I actively participated in the fun activity of the Storytelling Competition held on December 10, 2022. Storytellers were infused […]

Sports Meet 2022-23

  Sports and games contribute to the development of physical, cognitive and emotional growth of children during their formative years. Kaintal School organised a Sports Meet for the students of the Preparatory Wing and Class I. Students exhibited the spirit of competition with great energy and enthusiasm on the playground. They competed with each other […]

Children’s Day Activity

  “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow. The way we bring them up will determine the future of the country.” Children are amazing because they know how to be happy, playful, creative, curious and dreamy. Kaintal Prep School celebrated Children’s Day on November 14th to mark the birth anniversary of the […]

Gurupurab Activity

  Guru Nanak Jayanti is the sacred festival observed to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism and a great spiritual guide who preached and enlightened the world on how to lead a truthful life. Guru Ji spent most of his life travelling to different places to educate the people to live in […]

Diwali Activity

  Divine Deepawali lights up the lamp of inner ecstasy and sparks hope and positivity. The lighted diyas signify the victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. Festivals allow us to exchange greetings, share happiness and affection and show gratitude to our family, friends and fellow beings. >On October 20, 2022, Kaintal Preparatory […]