PREPare your Child for Lifelong Success.

Let your child entail #KaramShiksha at one of the top ICSE prep schools in Patiala.

New-Age Curriculum

Our curriculum, designed by experienced education experts, is backed by extensive research and industry experience.

Expert Educators

Our proficient educators ensure the all rounded development of your child through early learning programs.

Personalised Attention

A student-Teacher Ratio of 15:1 ensures your child receives all the attention they need.

Our Standout Strengths

Our preschool curriculum is based on scientific research and aims to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education to promote holistic development in young minds.
ABC of Kaintal Curriculum

Magical Learning At Every Step

All Round Development

Brain-Based Learning

Continuous Learning

Celebrating Our Achievements


International Brain O Brain Competition

Abacus Competition

The New Age Kaintal Learning System

Looking for an ideal school for your child?

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A World of Endless Opportunities Awaits You

    “A Mindful Space with a Mindful Curriculum for Developing Mindful Minds. ”


    Our Parents Uphold Our Legacy

    It is one of the best pre schools in Patiala. Their impeccable curriculum sets them to flourish and gives children all-around development.

    Vineet Chawla

    I am gratified by the dedication and passion of the teachers of Kaintal Prep School for top-notch early childhood education.

    Vandana Luthra

    My daughter has learned so much in just a few short months, and I am constantly amazed by the progress.

    Karan Mehra

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