Celebrating our outstanding young skaters at Kaintal Prep School! 🎉 In the recently held 33rd District Level Roller Skating Championship, our students showcased their talent and achieved remarkable success. Let’s applaud the achievements of these rising stars: 🥇 Samar Badhwar – A shining star in the making, brought home the gold medal in the under 7 category🌟 🥉 Reyansh Chauhan – Reyansh Chauhan, a promising young skater, displayed incredible talent and secured the bronze medal in the under 7 category. 🥇 Samira – Stepping onto the podium with a beaming smile, Samira claimed the gold medal in the under 7 category. We are immensely proud of these students and their accomplishments at the district level roller skating championship. Their achievements serve as an inspiration for all our students to dream big, work hard and strive for excellence. Let’s give them a round of applause and encourage them to keep shining on the skating rink

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