Knowledge is acquiring new knowledge or transforming our existing experience, skills, ethics, values, or decisions. Abstract argumentation is the ability to interpret information, detect models and connections, and solve problems on a difficult, intangible level. The advancement of abstract thought is a point of kindergarten years. Kids use abstract thinking every day when they use something to represent other things.

Being one of the best ICSE prep schools in Patiala, we are sharing some of the methods a child learns to use their intellectual thought:

Exciting Play

When a child engages in pretend play, he starts exhibiting his abstract thought. In pretend play, a child imaginatively uses a mere object to represent something and essays on a variety of character roles. The abstract thought supports children in all sections of the curriculum.

Reading and Writing

Reading helps a child determine abstract thought as he uses his insight to think about situations he is reading in the book. While writing, children use figures, which is a kind of symbol system. Thus, when a child scrawls something he performs the use of his own symbol set.


Language arts help a toddler to develop abstract thought, as they are linguistic. A child can explain their ideas and express their ideas in detail. A child orally tells you about the things he presumed when he read something. A child improves abstract thinking while doing so.

Problem Solving

In order to promote problem-solving skills, one has to think abstractly. Toddlers can think and provide solutions to the problem without truly thinking about the consequences. Abstract thinking helps a toddler to expand insight about how to resolve a problem and encourages them to engage in belief and effect experiments.

All of the above factors affect abstract thinking in toddlers. It is very crucial that we include such ways of practicing in the curriculum that help them link in abstract thinking. At the best ICSE prep school in Patiala, we believe children’s learning at this age paves the way to their further education so a mentor should ensure that not only their abstract theories but also their ideas are clear.

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