Fine motor skills are the skills required in the coordination of small muscles in movements of hands and fingers with the eyes. These are essential for developing strong hand-to-eye coordination and lay the foundation for the development of other important skills like drawing and writing. Being among the best ICSE Prep schools in Patiala, we make sure that your tiny tots get the best environment, support and tools for healthy development of their fine motor skills.

How can fine motor skills be developed?
Learning takes time but slowly build everlasting understanding of fine motor skills. An interesting activity is to get the students to fill in letters with colors. Or you could get a little creative and give them a small bucket of erasers, tiny pom-poms, glitter, confetti, etc. to fill in the letters. This will surely pique the interest of children as the bright colorful objects will make them happy and excited.
What better way to learn hand-eye coordination than to create? This method mainly relies on students’ inherent creativity. When students are given the freedom to create the letters on their own by adding their own individualistic creative flair, they grow on a very deep level. You can give them beads, matchsticks, stickers, tiny paper cutouts to build various letters. When they place these items on the shape of letters, their hand-eye coordination improves.
Lastly don’t forget that children need to play! Playing with different objects is not just important for their holistic development but also helps them relax and stay happy and active. Moreover, when kids play it helps with their hand-eye coordination.
Fine motor skills are important in the early years of a child’s life as they set the base for the development of so many other important skills. Therefore, at Kaintal Prep School, one of the leading preparatory schools in Patiala, we make sure that we provide our students the right opportunities for the growth of their fine motor skills.

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