Developing self-thinking and learning will aid students in everyday life.

Recently, there has been a radical change in the teaching and learning process. Teachers have deviated from the path of the pre-set learning objectives. In this era, preparing students to face the future involves utilizing their knowledge in practical situations. That is only possible if they can think on their own. Memorizing pages after pages of information do no good if one cannot apply it in real-life situations. Ensuring that students can think critically is vital.

How to encourage students to think and learn on their own?

Kaintal Prep School, one of the best schools in Patiala has different ways that teachers can aid students to think and learn on their own.

These include –

Motivating students to ask questions is vital to helping them think more. Asking questions means that they are critically analyzing the concepts and deepening their understanding of the matter. This will eventually lead to asking better questions.

It is easy to give the answers to students when you see them struggling. However, for developing their own thinking skills, it is vital for them to seek answers themselves. Sure, you can guide them on the correct path. But, anything more than that will deter their ability to think and learn.

Nobody likes to do anything that is out of their comfort zone. But, teachers need to ensure that students step out of their comfort zone constantly. The future is unpredictable, and in order to survive, one must learn how to adapt to new things quickly and efficiently.

Curiosity often lends motivation to students when they think on the subject matter. But, when they lose their focus or divert their attention, it is important that teachers provide inspiration.


At Kaintal Prep School the best ICSE prep school in Patiala we believe that for students to thrive in the ever-evolving world, they need to be able to think for themselves. Apart from this, students need to understand the information they get, question what they hear, and retain the data. With the ability to think critically, students can face challenging situations in real life with ease.

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