It is quite often difficult for students to concentrate on things and their work as their focus keeps shifting. So here are some simple yet effective ways by one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala to teach focus to kids and their performance.

Reduce Distracting Elements

Adults are adept at avoiding distractions but the same cannot be said for children with short attention spans. They learn to do it at their own slow and easy pace taking their time to absorb things. It is important as a parent to limit the distractions for your kids until they become smart enough to do it for themselves.

 Keeping Them Engaged Is Essential

Kids are inclined to leave their tasks unfinished right in the middle of doing it due to short attention spans. Like, when a child is trying to solve a puzzle game and if he can’t get through it, he will probably leave it all together. You should encourage your kid to solve the puzzle at least partly if not entirely. This will greatly aid in improving the child’s focus, attention and concentration. It is very important to show an active interest in the task that your child is performing.

Allowing Children to Decide

The kids need to know and feel that they have some say in what they can do with their playing environment. It gives them confidence and self-worth. So permit them to choose as per their own preference. Allow your child to select toys and activities that he loves instead of forcing it upon him. If the child plays with stuff that he likes it will grow his attention span and improve his focus.

Routine Is a Must

Routines are severely underrated yet play such a huge role in improving your child’s focus. Make sure he is following a specific routine when a specific time is allotted to each activity so that it becomes easier for him to avoid things that distract him and instead concentrate on the task he is doing and improves his efficiency and productivity.

Counted among the best schools in Patiala, we put our efforts towards making sure that the focus, attention and concentration of children improves for optimal academic performance and growth.

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