A progressive curriculum that is focused on child-directed learning to reach the child’s fullest potential where the child gains and gathers knowledge at ease, in the most lucrative and relaxed way. As we are one of the finest preparatory schools in Patiala, the kids in our school’s curriculum are encouraged to learn individually and at their own pace by moving freely around the room where the school’s development centre trains children to become creative thinkers and independent.

The primary goal of our school’s is to encourage every child to reach his/her fullest potential by creating a happy and harmonious atmosphere in such a way that enhances his/her cognitive, physical, emotional, social and moral development. One can understand this as teachers serving primarily as guides to discovery rather than providing direct instruction to the child in the form of our unique curriculum and cross-cultural activities. The curriculum is designed for every age level in a unique manner that is centered on developmentally appropriate fun activities that help children in all the five areas of development.

Researchers have found that in the early years of a child’s life, a child’s brain produces the number of synapses or neural connections that is responsible for the solid foundation of future learning as an adult. Kaintal Prep’s curriculum is structured in such a way that the child gains abstract knowledge of the concepts and learns how to make decisions. Children at Kaintal Prep School have shown immense interest in learning which is blended with an endless assortment of activities that engage their curiosity and stimulate their mind. Kaintal Prep School is the top ICSE Prep school in Patiala that welcomes you and your child to share this enriching experience of the curriculum.

Our philosophy is based on the idea that learning in the early age of the child should happen naturally through real-life experiences and recognizing the uniqueness of each child. We aim to create a happy and dynamic learning environment in which all the children are valued equally and offer them with the necessary support to help them achieve their full potential.

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