Origami is a fun and therapeutic Japanese artistic activity. But did you know it has many uses in the classroom as an excellent tool of education?  Kaintal Prep School, an ICSE prep school in Patiala, details some of its benefits in the classroom.

Better Understanding of Geometric Concepts

Origami is known to have immense benefits for the learning of students. One of these is geometry. It improves and strengthens understanding of concepts of geometry due to the myriad of shapes, angles and folds involved in creating paper structures. To teach students important geometric concepts, label the origami structure with length, width and height. This will help them gain an understanding of shapes and sizes.

Improved Thinking Skills

Children who practice origami are shown to exhibit improved spatial visualization skills as it makes use of practical learning with their hands. It activates multiples modalities of learning. This gives them a deeper understanding of shapes around them by applying the basic principles of geometry. Consequently their thinking capacities and intellect are enhanced.

Teaches Kids Fractions

Fractions! They appear to be a rather tricky and scary subject for a whole lot of kids. But origami presents a fun way to teach fractions. You can demonstrate the concept of one-half, two-thirds, one-fifth, etc. via origami structures and then ask the students how many folds are required to create a certain shape and in which places.

Problem Solving

Oftentimes, in the classroom and even in life there are multiple ways of arriving at an answer.  Origami gives kids a chance to work out a problem using unique, creative and innovative ways by the hit and trial method. For example, when you ask kids to make a certain shape, they can do so by folding the paper in different ways, all of which may be right. This develops excellent problem-solving skills.

Science Becomes Fun

Understanding the concepts of physics becomes a whole lot easier if done through origami. How? A thin paper by itself is not strong at all but when you fold it multiple times at different angles to form an accordion, it can become stronger.

At one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala, we believe in infusing a little bit of fun into our curriculum through a well-balanced mix of creative arts and education.

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