There is no denying the fact that starting preschool is a big transition for a child as well as parents. It is because preschool marks the beginning of a new phase in a child’s development which sets the path for later school success. But this transition not always goes smoothly and easily. The majority of parents find it challenging to emotionally prepare their children for pre-school especially when you and your child are feeling a mix of emotions such as excitement, apprehension, and even sadness.

Kaintal Prep, the top ICSE prep school in Patiala recommends some useful tips to help you and your children to make this transition the most exciting one. After all, preschool is a time of tremendous growth for a child.

Some Fun Ways to Prepare Your Child for Pre-School:

Read on to find out what you can do to help your child prepare and settle in pre-school well:


These are some effective tips recommended by Kaintal Prep, one of the leading ICSE prep schools in Patiala to help you and your child make the pre-school transition much smoother.

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