How children learn to write letters forms an inherent part of their learning journeys. Research has shown that children who learn to write the essential elements of letters correctly also recognize them more easily. This contributes positively to their reading development as well.

Being one of the leading preparatory schools in Patiala, we explain to you the main elements of handwriting instruction.

Pencil Grasp

There are correct and incorrect ways of holding a pencil. When held correctly, it can result in comfortable and neat handwriting whereas incorrect grasps can lead to poor letter formation and tiredness. Teach your kids to hold the pencil between the index finger and the thumb so that it rests against the middle finger. If you child has an incorrect grasp you can use a pencil grip or gently tie a rubber band around the ring and little fingers.

Letter Formation

Kids find it easier to draw straight lines as compared to curved ones so from a developmental point of view it’s better to start by teaching them how to write capital letters before lowercase ones. Incorporate phonics instruction with handwriting lessons for better understanding of the concept of phonics. Teach them to start their letters at the top, use continuous strokes, lift their pencils when required. Use lined paper, dots, arrows and outlines for tracing letters makes writing easier for kids. Pay special attention to difficult letters that children often find confusing like b, d, p, and q. For instance, while writing b, begin from top and while writing d, begin from the middle.


The words should not just be properly formed but they should be clear enough to be read. Here spacing between the words plays an important role. Kids should not cram the words into one another; rather there should be a “finger gap” between the words.


Correct pencil grasp and letter formation usually solve pacing problems. Here, parents and children should be mindful of another factor. That is the pressure on pencil. If the child exerts too much pressure on the pencil while writing it can slow down his pace and lead to writing fatigue. Too little pressure results in incorrect hold of the pencil and could also point towards muscle weakness. Encourage you r child to practice writing using a wide variety of materials like pens, pencils, crayons, markers and sketch pens.

As one of the best ICSE schools in Patiala, we suggest you to get your kid to practice handwriting for a few minutes a day to improve their letter formation skills and overall literacy development.

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