Everyone has the same hours of hours in a day. Isn’t it true that you never have enough time to do all you desire, let alone everything you need to do as a student? What are some of the most effective time management tips for students?
Between studying for exams, enrolling in new classes, reading books, writing papers, and finding time for office hours, you have a lot on your plate as a student. You’ll be one step closer to reaping the advantages of effective time management and building optimum study habits if you can master any or all of these time management tactics.
Kaintal Prep School the ICSE Prep School in Patiala shares the following advice to assist them manage their time:
1. To plan ahead, use a calendar.
Time management requires the use of a calendar. The only way to keep track of a hectic schedule is to prepare ahead of time. Students should take a wide picture of their obligations at the start of each term by recording them into a paper or digital calendar. Assignment due dates and exam periods for all courses should be color-coded on the calendar, with red denoting deadlines and green denoting examinations, and so on.
Fixed obligations, such as class schedules and job shifts, should also be included on the calendar, which should be updated on a regular basis.Looking at this graphic representation reveals both open and hectic periods. Heavy weeks will be obvious right away, and those are the times to prepare for.Planning ahead of time is the best approach to prevent missing deadlines.
2. Prioritize using the A-B-C approach.
Setting priorities, or deciding what to concentrate on first, is another important aspect of time management. This is how the A-B-C technique of job prioritisation works. Make a list of all pending tasks. Then assign an A, B, or C to each task:
A – it has to be finished today
B – I’d want to complete today.
C – if necessary, can be pushed until tomorrow.
3. Take a lot of breaks.
Because intense focus is exhausting, it’s important to take pauses when doing something that demands your undivided attention. I’ve learnt not to try to concentrate too hard. When I have a writing deadline or need to grade papers, I take a break to do something dull like washing.
To summarise, it is not required to develop effective time management practises all at once. Implementing one or more of the suggestions on this list can help you set realistic and modest goals. Choose a few of these suggestions that you think will be most valuable to you or will make the others easier to execute.
Being one of the top ICSE schools in Patiala, Kaintal Prep School keeps track of your progress and congratulate you on even small efforts toward better time management.

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