Little children obtain a lot of advantages when they learn music. So the perfect period to learn music, especially musical instruments, and singing, is before seven years old. This period leads to faster and easier development in music learning.

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Kids have their natural musical abilities, they love singing, dancing, and performing freely.

Recent research shows that music experiences develop the brain.

Music lessons provided twice a week are an opportunity for children to touch and think about music.

Therefore, the study also shows that babies have inborn musical behaviors and they use music as an essential communication in their early years.

 Kids can mimic sounds and moves easily, while adults find it a little complex. In contrast, adults have a more profound understanding of music sense and emotional performance than children.

Music is a mediator which leads brain activity assisting different parts of the brain to develop at the same time.

This kind of activity supports the workings of the left and right brain and addresses a cooperative mode for mental development. When we think about this interesting experience in the brain, it is easy to connect brain development with the cognitive process.

A recent study further shows that music has positive impacts on a child’s academic achievements. Prominently, music learning has been confirmed as assisting children to concentrate for longer times because it improves their memories of learning and improves self-expression.

As kids have a natural musical culture in early childhood, teachers should give them an open zone to encourage them to be creative in the music world. So that, children can be motivated and may be ready to have a deeper understanding of music tomorrow.

We must use background music to teach beats to the children. It does not mean using background music for every moment but implementing this in class strategically.

For example, pre-school teachers always have storytime to recite stories to the children. So, it depends on teachers’ teaching tactics in choosing suitable music.

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